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About Our School


Damyanti Shatrughana School, Madhepura is an initiative of the Trinity Wisdom Education, Welfare and Cultural Society a name synonymous with holistic, wholesome and quality education. The architects of the school, Trinity has brought a new centre of academic excellence to Bihar, so named to commemorate the memory of the legendary Shri. SHATRUGHANA PRASAD YADAV and Smt. DAMYANTI DEVI who left behind a legacy embellished with excellence. It is not yet another addition to the fast growing chain of public schools in Madhepura Bihar but a beginning of an exploration for excellence and innovation epitomized by Sir B.K Gautam whose legacy of excellence in Social work and governance has inspired many a life and who is a beacon of inspiration for us. In fact this school in his memorial aims to take forward and embed the tradition of excellence and innovation to the next generation. Come join us at The Damyanti Strughana Acadmy to shape the future of tomorrow.